A Multi-Specialist Supplier

Gulf Industrial Supply (GIS) is a multi-specialist supplier offering a variety of premium brands of industrial products and spare parts.

GIS has established itself thanks to its network of experts, unwavering commitment, and excellent supply chain management.

Our Expertise

GIS has a strong presence in the energy sector across the Middle East and Africa, successfully partnering with leading global energy companies for over 15 years.

GIS specializes in providing:

  • Industrial products and spare parts: we offer a comprehensive range of industrial products and spare parts to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
  • Industrial valve packages: we provide complete industrial valve packages, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into existing systems.
  • Piping repair and maintenance products: we supply a variety of products for piping repair and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and integrity of piping systems.
  • Instrumentation packages: we deliver instrumentation packages tailored to specific project requirements, providing accurate measurement and control capabilities.

Our Services

We provide customized services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our team of experts carefully evaluates your requirements to identify the most suitable solutions, considering both technical and commercial constraints.

We leverage our extensive network of renowned suppliers and manufacturers to deliver optimal results.

Our Markets

GIS’s strategic location in the United Arab Emirates provides privileged access to the Middle East’s energy sector. We have successfully collaborated with most countries in the region.

GIS’s presence extends across the African continent. We possess in-depth knowledge of the Maghreb region, particularly Algeria. Through our network of agents, we also maintain a strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Congo, Nigeria, and Angola.

Our Added Value

Leveraging nearly 15 years of experience as a buying house in the Middle East. We have established a robust network of suppliers and manufacturers. This enables us to offer responsiveness and flexibility to our clients, both in terms of pricing and delivery times.

We provide our clients with the assurance and reliability for all orders:

  • We meticulously verify the conformity of 100% of received products before shipment.
  • We organize inspections tailored to the QA/QC requirements of our clients.
  • Our 500+ m² warehouse in the Jebel Ali Free Zone ensures ample storage capacity for our clients’ products.
  • We consolidate and optimize packaging to minimize freight costs, passing on the savings to our clients.

Major players in the energy sector have placed their trust in us for decades, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Contact Us

Gulf Industrial Supply FZE

Warehouse FZS2AA03, Jebel Ali Free Zone, South Zone

PO Box No 263013, Dubai


Tel : +971 (0)4 88 60 333

Email : contact@gulfindustrial.com