SOSEA is a major player in the cotton and agro-industry sector.

For over 60 years, SOSEA has been a recognized controller in the cotton world, with a team of classifiers, professional controllers and trainers. Its experts successfully support our cotton customers.

SOSEA offers an integrated service, from the supply of products for agro-industry and agriculture, to logistics, customs and forwarding. Its experts are specialized and available to find or adapt a technical solution to the context and expectations of the agro-industrial user.

The company is organized around three specialized areas of activity:

  • Procurement of supplies and technical equipment for agribusiness and agriculture
  • International transport and logistics
  • International cotton inspection and certification

As tailor-made specialists, our teams bring their technical expertise to bear to optimize our responses to our partners’ highly varied needs.

We are proud of our activities and of being part of the SOSEA-PAI group.

Our teams are at your disposal to meet your needs.

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